Tuesday, November 24, 2020




                          South Vernon United Methodist Church

142 Columbus Rd    November 8,  2020    Mount Vernon, Ohio









Hymn               Great Is Thy Faithfulness                                 Pg.  140




Prayer requests


Prayer for the People


Call to worship  


L: Come and find the quiet center in the crowded life we lead.

Come clear the clutter so we can see all the things that really matter

Come calm the chaos and kneel before the Lord our maker.
P: In the ancient times, God had mercy on Israel and led them through the desert to a new land.
L: This day the Lord is showering us with mercy, bringing us hope and peace.
P: We long to feel the showers of his hope and mercy on us.
L: Lord, guide our feet as we run this race of faith for you.
P: Lord, open our hearts transform us into your likeness so we might truly love for others. AMEN.




Hymns     (If you are able please stand for the first hymn)

                          Great is Thy Faithfulness       (3x)                          Pg. 140






Prayer dedicating our gifts to God.

(Please stand for the doxology)


Text                                  Matthew 25: 1-13


Sermon               The Bridegroom Cometh

Special               I Want To Be Ready                  Pg. 722




Closing Hymn     Till We Meet Again                Pg.672



Rev. Dr. Carolyn Greene  740-974-4285