Friday, January 21, 2022



 South Vernon United Methodist Church

"Brighten the Corner Where We Are with the Love of Jesus"

142 Columbus Rd.           Mt. Vernon, Ohio


January 23, 2022


Rev. Robert Alexander. Preacher


Liturgist                                                                        Geri Reese


Prelude                                                                      Barb Spitzer, Piano


The Light of Christ Enters


*Call to Worship

L: This is God's World! To us is given a vision of nations and races, lands and people, joined together in love.

P: Praise be to God, the Creator , in whose image we are created. 

L: We come to celebrate and worship the One who is the nature and source of that love.

P: We affirm in Christ that we can be, one people, one world and one family, working together to love one another.



*Hymn          "We Gather Together"               Page 131


*Unison Prayer

Almighty  God, as the church, we are part of your redeeming work in history. Yet we know that often we

seek our own success and salvation, and fear to follow Christ in commitment to a vision of wholeness for

the world and its peoples. Help us to speak and act our parts in the great drama of you love for all people,


and in the freeing gospel of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray.


*Sharing the Peace of Christ

Giving our Tithes and Offerings


*The Doxology


*Gospel Lesson                         Matthew 5:43-48


Morning Message                    "Love Your Enemies"


*Closing Hymn               "Take My Life, and Let It Be"     Page 399




*The Light of Christ Goes forth







Annoncements & Calendar


      30th     Punch and Cookie's after church to say good bye to Carolyn





     10th     Council Meeting @ 5:00

     17th     UMW @ 6:00