Friday, September 24, 2021



 South Vernon United Methodist Church

"Brighten the Corner Where We Are with the Love of Jesus"

142 Columbus Rd.            September 19, 2021             Mt. Vernon, Ohio



The Light of Christ Enters



Thanksgiving and prayer



Opening Chorus          For God So Loved the World

For God so loved the world he gave his only son
To die on Calvry's tree
From sin to set me free
Someday He's coming back
What glory it will be
Wonderful His love for me



Doxology & Prayer dedicating our gifts to God.

(Please stand for the doxology)


Hymns Congregational choice

If you are able please stand for the first hymn.

Call to Worship 

L: Jesus calls us to servant ministry.
P: We must be willing to help others, not counting the cost or rewards.
L: Pretense, disharmony, greed have no place in discipleship.
P: Serving God means receiving each person as though they were a beloved child.
L: Lord, help us to truly become your disciples.
P: Create in us hearts for ministries of compassion and kindness. AMEN.


 Pastoral Prayer

Lord’s Prayer


Scripture Text                             Mark 9: 3-37                               

Message                                      Patterns of Power

Closing Hymn                                                                   Take my Life                                Pg. 399


Exiting Hymn                 Till we meet again                         Pg. 672

Rev. Dr. Carolyn Greene  740-974-4285





· September is Undie Sundays bring new underwear, socks, and sweat pants for kids at Columbia Elementary.

· We are still in need of funds to pay for the roof and to replace the furnace for the basement. If you can help, please place your donation in the offering plate or send it to 10 High Meadow Dr., Mt Vernon. Thank you! 

· Special Sunday Evening service October 17th Guest speaker Eva will be sharing her testimony of faith and God’s healing.

· October 2 Celebration of Life Pearl Braswell Lichtenburg

· Worship Committee Meeting to plan for  Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays is scheduled for October 25th at 5.pm.

· Anyone interested in working with, and maintaining, our prayer list, please see  Jan Page.