Sunday, September 20, 2020




                          South Vernon United Methodist Church

142 Columbus Rd      September 13, 2020       Mount Vernon, Ohio









Hymn           Hail The Power Of Jesus Name                          Pg. 155




Prayer requests

Prayer for the People


Call to worship   based on Matthew 18:21-35                 

                      Forgive Our Sins As We Forgive 390


Leader: Verse One

People: Verse Two

Leader Verse Three

Unison Verse Four



Hymns      (If you are able please stand to sing the first hymn)


There Is A Wideness in God’s Mercy                     Pg. 121

Freely Freely                                                                  Pg.  389



Traditionally, this is the time in which we dedicate a portion of all that God has Given us for his use. Due to limitations imposed by the pandemic our offerings can be placed in a plate located at each exit.  We hope that you will use this time to reflect on how much God has given to us.



Prayer dedicating our gifts to God.

(Please stand for the doxology)




Reading                                                                   Matthew 18: 21-35


Sermon The Rule of Forgiveness



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Don’t forget to leave your offering in a plate as you exit.



Rev. Dr. Carolyn Greene  740-974-4285