Saturday, August 17, 2019

Announcements & Schedule




· This week join Pastor Carolyn and Ray for breakfast/brunch Wednesday  11am at South Side Diner.

· Don’t forget August 16, next WMU meeting will be dinner at Olive Garden

· To be a part of the prayer chain contact Pat Wolf.

· Please, don’t forget to date and pass the attendance log.


Vs 1    I now am running in the Christian race

To gain the promised prize

Through Jesus’ matchless saving keeping grace

We’ll crown Him in the skies.


We shall run and not be weary

We shall walk and never faint

We’re trav’ling to our happy home

We’ll walk and never faint


Vs 2   We’ll run and never falter by the way

For Jesus’ word is true

He’s promised if we ever will obey

To bring us safely through




Vs 3    I’ll stand upon His word and prove His pow’r

The Rock of Ages past

I know He’ll keep me trusting ev’ry hour

While Life on earth shall last




Vs 4    The heavy weights of sin are laid aside

My heart is free and light

There’s nothing we may fear which can betide

Our hope is clear and bright




Vs 5 When Life is o’er and labor here is done

Can we thus say with Paul?

“I’ve fought the fight and there’s a starry crown.”

That’s waiting for us all
























Pastor Carolyn Greene

740-974-4285 revcbgreene@yahoo.com









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