Monday, December 06, 2021



 South Vernon United Methodist Church

"Brighten the Corner Where We Are with the Love of Jesus"

142 Columbus Rd.      December 5, 2021     Mt. Vernon, Ohio



The Light of Christ Enters




Opening Prayer

Lords Prayer


Opening Chorus       O Come, O come, Emmanuel        Page 211                   


Offering and Prayer dedicating our gifts to God.

(Please stand for the doxology)



Hymns            Congregational choice

                          If you are able please stand for the first hymn.


Call to Worship


L: Welcome today to this time of preparation.
P: Although we have been preparing for celebrations, we come

seeking to prepare our hearts to receive God's Good News.
L: Get Ready! The Lord is bring to us Hope and Peace.
P: How wonderful it is that the Lord is showering us with peace.
L: Open your hearts and let your spirits be quieted. Be at peace with the

P: Lord, prepare our lives and bring us peace. AMEN


Scripture Text                       Isaiah 40:1-11



Message                                      "Do you hear voices?"


Closing Hymn                                  Go tell it on the mountain           251



The night Christ was born all creation was bathed in His glory. The joy of his coming continues to shower us with his good gifts of snowflakes gently melting on our  eyelashes, of golden clouds awaking our mornings, of children singing carols.

These joys, and so many more were given to those shaped in Your image, but we heard the voices of temptation crying out and foolishly followed. You promised mercy, but we refused to see sin ad death as our foes.

The You sent Your heart's Delight to us, Jesus to provide redemption for all those who long for hope and cry out...

     Holy, holy, holy are You, Melter of our frozen hearts.

     All creation waits for Your Advent once again.

     Hosanna in the highest!

     Blessed is the Dawn from on high.

You are the holy God of our hopes, and Jesus is Your glory made flesh. He came with tender mercy in his hands, to shatter our hardened hearts. He came like fuller's soap. He came to fill us with the light of His love so that we might grow in love for God and his children.

As we draw ever closer to ethlehem, as we prepare to jourey with Jesus from birth to new life, we declare tht mystery we know faith.

     Christ died,

     Christ was raised:

     Christ is comig again.

As we gather at Your Table, pour our out Your Spirit on us and on thise gifts of joy and wonder. Though broken, and the Bread makes us strong enough to love our enemies & those who rub us the wrong way. As we drink from the cup may the hope it brings flow through us to those who have been cast by the wayside. Lord we rejoice knowing at the end of all time, we will gather with or sisters and brothers around the Table of life eternal, where we will forever sing our praises to you, the Holy three in One, Amen .


Exiting Hymn                              Till we meet again                          672




Annoncements & Calendar

We are still in need of funds to pay for the roof and to replace the furnace for the basement. If you can help, please place your donation in the offering plate or send it to 10 High Meadow Dr., Mt Vernon. Thank you!

     This advent season we will be following author and United Methodist pastor Matt Tawle as he looks  at The Nutcracker - through the lens of faith. Rawle uses the icoic tale to help us understand God's greatest gift of the Christ child and of all kingdom Christ came to build. Much like Clara, we are all caught in and Advent season, pondering a most extraordinay gift. He looks at the Advent with the following themes:

                    Clara: Waiting for Christmas

                    Drosselmeir: A Godfather's Love

                    The Mouse King: Changing Perspective

                    The Nutcracker: The Greatest Gift

We will be collecting Food for the Hungry from Advent to Epiphany, so bring i a can, a box, or a bag of non perishable items to share.

Don't forget to purchase a poisettia by December 12 in memory or in honor of a love one.  



·       9th 5:00 pm - Ad Council Meeting

·       12th 4:00 pm - Church Fellowship Dinner

o   Turkey & Ham Provided – Just bring a side dish to share.

     Sign up sheet is going around the sanctuary

·       16th UMW Holiday Dinner

o   Meeting at the Church at 4:30 to go to Watt’s by 5:00 pm. Bring a $10.00 gift exchange if you want to participate.

·       24th Christmas Eve Service @ 7:00 pm

·       25th Jesus Birthday – Merry Christmas 


·           31st New Years Eve