South Vernon United Methodist Church

“Brighten the Corner Where We Are with the Love of Jesus”
142 Columbus Rd. Mt. Vernon, Ohio
May 22, 2022
“Change The World Sunday”

Welcome and Announcements               Rev. Robert L. Alexander

Prelude:                                          Barbara Spitzer, Pianist

Bring Forth the Light 


* Call to Worship                                     Ada Carey – Liturgist

L: All baptized  Christians are called to share in Christ’s ministry of love and service in the world, to the Glory of God and for the redemption of the human family and all of creation.

P: We come together as the Church to offer thanksgiving and praise to God, to hear the Word of God, and to seek for ourselves and others the power, presence and direction of the Holy Spirit.

All: Jesus is Alive! Let us rejoice together.




*Unison Prayer                                           Ada Carey, Liturgist

Eternal God, by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit you gave to your Apostles many excellent gifts. Give your peace to all servants of your Church that we may with diligence and faithfulness fulfill our various ministries. Grant that we your people may follow where you lead and live in joyful obedience to your will; through Jesus Christ our lord.   Amen


*Sharing the Peace of Christ


Presentation of our Tithes and Offerings

Offertory:                             Barbara Spitzer, Pianist


             Praise God, from who all blessing flow;

             Praise Him, all creatures here below;

             Praise Him above the  heavenly host;

             Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen

 *Prayer of Dedication


Morning Message                                   Rev. Robert L. Alexander

                                  Gospel Text: Matthew 28:16-20

                          “Hey Church, You Can Change the World”
Pastor: Do you this day acknowledge yourself to be a faithful Disciple of Jesus Christ?
People: “I do”
Pastor: Will you devote yourself to the service of God in  the world?
People “I will”
Pastor: Will you so live that you enable this church to be a people of love and peace?
People: “I will”
Pastor: Will you do all in your power to be responsible for the gifts by which God has blessed you for ministry in the world?
People: By the power of almighty God, I will
Prayer of Consecration


Prayer Hymn                “Sweet Hour of Prayer”       Pg. 496 


Prayer Concerns and Joys of Church Family and Community

Pastoral Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer


Send Forth to Serve


*Benediction                                Rev. Robert L. Alexander
*The Light of Christ Goes into the World

Postlude                                       Barbara Spitzer, Pianist

*Please stand if you are able.

Annoncements & Calendar

9th Council Meeting
16th UMW/United Women of Faith
This week we start the Starting Point Program with baby bottles in the Vestibule to raise money. Please take a bottle & for your donation.