South Vernon United Methodist Church

“Brighten the Corner Where We Are with the Love of Jesus9
142 Columbus Rd. Mt. Vernon, Ohio
June 26, 2022
“Pentecost Season”

Our Gathering

Welcome and Announcements                                                     Rev. Robert Alexander


Prelude:                                                                                            Barbara Spitzer, Pianist


                                    Order of Worship

* Call to Worship                                                                           Dena Hooley, Liturgist

L: We have been called to walk the faithful road and to choose the way of God’s love, peace and justice.

P: We are here because we believe strongly that our God is good, and that we live in that goodness. We are here to proclaim our faith and to seek direction along this faith journey.

L: Come together then, to be God’s people. Follow Christ and Listen for the good things that God has done. Rise up in Praise and thanksgiving.

All: Praise be to our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.




*Unison Prayer                                                                            Dena Hooley, Liturgist

Loving God, we thank you that you never forsake us, that you never stop loving us. Trusting in your unfailing love, we have gathered to worship and praise you. Through you Holy Spirit, touch us, renew us, comfort us, challenge us; for we pray this and every prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
*Sharing the Peace of Christ

Presentation of our Tithes and Offerings

Offertory                                                                              Barbara Spitzer, Pianist

*The Doxology

Praise God, from who all blessing flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below,

Praise Him above the heavenly host;

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


*Prayer of Dedication                                                            Rev. Robert Alexander

 Message                                                                              Rev. Robert Alexander

                                           The Text: II Corinthians 4:16-5;7

                                                     “We Walk by Faith”


Prayer Concerns and Joys of Church Family and Community  


Prayer Hymn                     “Jesus A Closer Walk With Thee”                          Pg. 485


Pastoral Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer


                                    Sent Forth to Serve


*Closing Hymn                    “Trust and Obey”                                      Pg. 467


*Benediction                                                                      Rev. Robert Alexander


*The Light of Christ Goes into the World


Postlude                                                                               Barbara Spitzer, Pianist


*Please stand if you are able.

Annoncements & Calendar